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Highlight Reel Landscaping - North Palm Beach County Florida
Jonathan Meola Stetson University
Highlight Reel Landscaping - Palm Beach County Florida

I started Highlight Reel Landscaping after playing Division 1 Baseball at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, which saw our team finish with its best performance in school history after we reached the 2018 NCAA Super Regionals (one step from the NCAA College World Series). 

After I finished up college, I started a sales job where I was working behind a desk because that is what you are supposed to do, but it never felt right. Throughout my entire life, I found so much joy outdoors, whether it be through baseball or my love for fishing and surfing. It did not take long for me to realize that sitting behind a desk in front of a computer was not the career path for me.

The timing for a move could not have been more perfect because I already had the urge to start my own business. In terms of landscaping, I had always been attracted to it because of my father’s love for taking care of the landscaping duties around our house when I was growing up. In early 2020, I officially decided that I wanted to start my own landscaping business. With the support of my family, I immersed myself in the industry and set out to fully educate myself on the trade.

After I made the decision to start my own landscaping business, I found myself drawn to the name, Highlight Reel Landscaping. I then developed a logo from scratch and registered the business with the State of Florida. I got fully licensed and insured, and I began to ask questions to people throughout the industry. On the day that I cut my first lawn as the CEO of Highlight Reel Landscaping, I immediately knew that I had made the right choice.

It was not long that I learned an important lesson about how to pivot in business when the global pandemic struck in March of 2020. As a new business owner, it was incredibly difficult to navigate this new environment with so many unknowns. However, I applied the same lessons I learned through playing sports and from my family to never stop pressing forward despite whatever obstacles stood in front of you. Looking back on that time now, I know that facing those incredible circumstances only made me stronger as a business owner and gave me the confidence I needed to set up Highlight Reel Landscaping for success.

Now more than two years into the business, we have grown to over 100 clients, and I could not be any happier with my decision to start this company. I am so thankful for every client, and we take great pride in giving each property a fresh look that makes its homeowner proud. On behalf of Highlight Reel Landscaping, I want to say that we look forward to servicing the North Palm Beach County Area for many more years to come.

Oh, and people ask me all the time about where the name Highlight Reel Landscaping came from. Well, maybe the video below will help you figure out how I landed on the name…


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HomeAdvisor Awards - Highlight Reel Landscaping
HomeAdvisor Awards - Highlight Reel Landscaping
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